No amount of coffee can keep me from yawning. It's been a day. ☕

There is always something for this pup attention.

I don't remember what she was looking at this time.

Olive the at Golden hour in Doylestown, PA! Just wanted to share some cuteness.

Olive the pup eventually got up and walked for a while. No poop tho. LOL

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Hi all. Here's a cute labradoodle for you all!

I took her out to go poop and she lays down. Haha

Olive is perking up. She really has become part of the family!

So this is live.
Sarah Panus of Kindred Speaks was nice enough to come on Entrepreneur's Enigma to talk about working in corporate America and doing a side hustle before jumping right in to entrepreneurship!

Have a listen here:

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up when adopting a doggy. But I really want Olive. We applied to her family and we'll see.

Though this was a neat dusk picture taken last night at PHL Int'l Airport.

Freedom Square in Doylestown, PA remembering those lost since 9/11 and the wars.

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