A new for those new people out there

A little bit about me.

I tend to be a first adopter of technology.

I love podcasting and journalism

The internet is an amazing and terrifying place

I'm proud of my ADHD and know it's a superpower not a deficiency

Currently running a digital agency, two podcasts, a weekly newsletter, raising a very active ADHD son and being the husband to the most amazing woman in the world.

I'm busy but always have time for good conversation.

Come say hi

@kerry130 do an post you'll get lots of people saying hello!

Other than me! 😂

Hey a quick intro: I'm not new to Mastodon. I jumped in here a while back. But this is my own instance. It's geared to Podcasters and stuff surrounding that. If you want an invite hit me up. 😎


A podcast instance of Mastodon. All, appropriate topics allowed, but podcast topics happen a lot.