So this is live.
Sarah Panus of Kindred Speaks was nice enough to come on Entrepreneur's Enigma to talk about working in corporate America and doing a side hustle before jumping right in to entrepreneurship!

Have a listen here:

Originally from the coldest place in the United States, International Falls, Minnesota, to the warm weather of Winter Park Florida to the grey, but pleasant, Seattle, Buzz has solidified his name as one of the experts in computer-human communication. Through his company ActiveWords, Buzz has set out to make computers understand us, not the other way around.

Today on Digital Marketing Dive we're interviewing Jamie Sewell of Dreamfuel Coaching about Mindset based in neuroscience for sales and marketing. It should be a fun episode. I'll post when it's live.

So more talk...

What DAW does everyone use?

I absolutely love Descript. It's text based audio editing. It's funny how it doesn't always transcribe my Philly-fast talking correctly but does really well with non-English speakers speaking English.

I also use Audacity for quick recordings then I edit them more in Descript.


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