Digital Marketing Dive episode 6 with BombBomb's Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute was recorded today. It'll be out Thursday! Talk about a quick turnaround.

Interview with Jess from went great.

Lluna is out to help companies and employees personalize the future of work. The episode won't be out for a month (due to a back log of episodes) but check out the company, it's a great concept.

What a morning. I've been all over today. Best part is I'm doing another great episode of Entrepreneur's Enigma today. So that's exciting!

Are you into Podcasting? Looking for an instance? Hit me up!

Today on Digital Marketing Dive we're interviewing Jamie Sewell of Dreamfuel Coaching about Mindset based in neuroscience for sales and marketing. It should be a fun episode. I'll post when it's live.

I'm loving my Shure MV7 microphone. The sound quality it produces is top notch.

It's not that expensive compared to other mics.


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