I still don't quite get how the activitypub plugin for works. Lol 😆

My friend Eric writes for Speckyboy. He's a guy and in one of his latest posts he highlights some great add-ons to the Elementor page builder.


So I just activated Activity Pub on my site. Now what? LOL

Rant about people not updating their WP!!!! 

WTFF do people not update their WordPress regularly? If they did, they probably wouldn't get hacked.

It's FFS it's not a issue if you're too much of a fucking blockhead to not keep shit up-to-date. Come on people!

Why don't people keep their instances up-to-date? People wonder why they get hacked? That's why! Idiots!

I'd love to get the community and community over onto Mastodon away from Musk-Twitter.


A podcast instance of Mastodon. All, appropriate topics allowed, but podcast topics happen a lot.