Fathom.Video is a cool too. I'm probably the product. But I'm fine with that.

Especially if it helps them become a viable company.

I'm finding that there is no harm in having a birdsite acct. per se. But having a Mastodon account or two is good too,

@mac Why is it hard to watch? Oliver Platt is a brilliant actor.

Digital Marketing Dive episode 6 with BombBomb's Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute was recorded today. It'll be out Thursday! Talk about a quick turnaround.

On a separate note, at least some gun legislation made it though congress.

I'm beside myself. I'm in full support of a woman's right to choose. The repeal of Roe v. Wade is a huge gut punch.

@welshpixie It's like they're having a conference of bird of all different feather. LOL

@AmyZenunim As a parent, some of that is necessary to make sure they're safe in this tech world. Are you parent?

I'm not saying all that you said is needed. But I need to see what he's saying online and to his friends. If he wants this tech that's what he needs to do.,

tech companies be like "here are tools to monitor your child's private conversations, social media posts, bank accounts, diaries, browsing history, class attendance, GPS location, and deepest inner thoughts" with parents going "why child not trust me???? ?????"

Reading "A Quarter Century of UNIX".

your periodic reminder that in the early 1970s it was not uncommon for folks to have to share a single computer with other folks and that UNIX was a revelation because it allowed better-than-timesharing.

(Realizing that we have four UNIX machines in our house, not counting phones, Raspberry Pis, and the like).

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