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There is always something for this pup attention.

I don't remember what she was looking at this time.

I'm running the latest version of Chrome and I keep getting memory out errors. Anyone else having issues with Chrome?

It's been a gorgeous day today. Busy walking the doggo today. I walk about 4 miles a day with the pup.

Happy Pride Month to every one, whether you're loud and proud or quiet and reserved. Hoping you all live your best life this month and for all the months to come.

This angle makes her LONG legs look stubby. LOL. She's a big girl.

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Olive the at Golden hour in Doylestown, PA! Just wanted to share some cuteness.

Yesterday was the 19th anniversary since #WordPress’ first release. The web is a better place with them in it.

I’m thankful the Disable Comments plug-in exists for #WordPress. But it seems weird that, after all these years, WP doesn’t just have the option built in.

"It's unlucky to open your umbrella inside"

Is just a scam

Started by Big Umbrella

To make you ruin your umbrellas with mildew and have to buy more

:sabakan: #Mastodon 3.5.3 has just been released with multiple security fixes, as well as a couple cool improvements!

A 3.4.8 backport is available for those who haven't made the jump to 3.5 yet.

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